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3 things to know about the company FutureTech media just acquired


3 things to know about the company FutureTech media just acquired

Future Tech Media, an emerging market-focused digital solutions and technology business today announced the acquisition of Adzouk, a Middle East premium digital advertising network.

Here are five things you need to know about Adzouk:

  1. It launched its own brand safety solution.
    Earlier this year, it launched 1tag Secure. The solution not only prevents brands from appearing alongside non brand-safe content, but also eliminates fraudulent, bot and non-human traffic, and eases viewability concerns by targeting relevant ad positions. In fact, Jamie Atherton, MD of Adzouk, even said that the solution could save advertisers at least 20% of their ad dollars.
  2. But it was already practicing brand safety back in 2016 except…
    it was aimed at kids! Back in 2016, Adzouk partnered with a kid-safe digital marketing platform called SuperAwesome making it “the first and only 100%  kid-safe digital ad marketplace in the region,” according to Atherton.
  3. Back when everyone was still defining and grasping “programmatic” and “native”, Adzouk was…
    working with StackAdapt to offer native advertising programmatically across the MENA and was quick to recognize the explosion of video by allowing advertisers to buy premium placements via real-time bidding for video campaigns.


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