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AdZouk chosen as a Google Certified Publishing Partner in the MENA region


AdZouk chosen as a Google Certified Publishing Partner in the MENA region

AdZouk, a premium MENA region supply-side platform (SSP), has been announced as one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners (CPP) for the region, to help publishers. AdZouk was chosen for this program, based on its expertise in Google AdSense and DoubleClick AdExchange, as well as high rankings in customer satisfaction.

The Google badge for Certified Publisher Partners allows publishers to trust that they are in a brand-safe, premium environment. This certification allows publishers to trust the agency to monetize their sites and earn as much as possible from every impression by increasing traffic, creating a stronger mobile presence and improving results overall. AdZouk will help publishers set up ads, manage and optimize them, and analyze the results whilst benefiting from the best technology and ad serving to ensure an improved ROI.

Commenting on the newly formed relationship, AdZouk’s managing director, Jamie Atherton, says in a press statement, “Being named as a Certified Publishing Partner is a milestone for the company and one that we are very proud of. To be recognized for our expertise in Google’s advertising solutions and our strong ability to engage with publishers demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront of digital advertising in the MENA region.”


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