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AdZouk launches Zoukontent Discovery


AdZouk launches Zoukontent Discovery


AdZouk, a premium online advertising platform, has launched Zoukontent Discovery, which claims to be Arabia’s first and only product of its type, that serves millions of sponsored content and product recommendations on the region’s most widely-read and innovative websites and apps.

According to a press statement by the company, Zoukontent Discovery is proven to deliver significantly higher click-through-rates (CTRs) over traditional banner advertising, which is achieved by seamlessly integrating sponsored links with high quality and relevant content into a website or app thereby creating an engaging reader experience.

Through sponsored links, brands can promote anything from a content marketing focused article or video, to a slideshow, an info-graphic, or even a product recommendation. In turn, publishers, such as a newspaper, can promote and drive traffic to individual articles published on their website, in Arabic or English.

“We wanted to create a product that enables our advertising clients to engage with their audience more effectively and have the ability to measure their content marketing efforts. Furthermore, by allowing a reader to discover new and interesting content and products, Zoukontent Discovery also eliminates content dead-ends for publishers. Users stay on the site or in the app for longer, resulting in higher re-circulation click-through rates. We can serve the right content, to the right visitor, at the right time,” says Jamie Atherton, managing director, AdZouk in a press statement.

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