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Bartercard appoints Cicero & Bernay for public relations


Bartercard appoints Cicero & Bernay for public relations


Bartercard has announced that it has appointed public relations organization Cicero and Bernay to handle its corporate communications activities in the region. The commercial brokerage company, which established its name through providing exchange of goods and services, has around 1,000 card holders in the UAE and is keen to expand its operations across the region as its economic outlook improves.

“Bartercard was looking for a strategic partner to represent its activities in the GCC,” said Fadi Nohra, the Managing Director. “We were impressed with Cicero and Bernay’s track record of obtaining substantial exposure for clients across the board, in particular with their proven ability to gain coverage for financial organisations. The deal-maker was that they were able to demonstrate that they routinely think out of the box – something that an innovative product such as ours, which inspires a new way of looking at things, ultimately requires,” he added.

Launched in Australia in 1991, Bartercard has tapped into a rich new paradigm of thinking from companies looking for commercial solutions that will save them cash. The organisation has grown exponentially, offering a unique mutual arrangement for organisations wanting to conduct business. Bartercard currently helps over 55,000 businesses in seven countries, with a trade volume exceeding 1.2 billion US dollars.

Bartercard is primarily a business-to-business set up, with transactions working in much the same way as they would with a regular plastic card. Members signing up for the service receive a card which they can use to purchase goods and services from other Bartercard members. Bartercard transactions do not involve the physical action of a direct swap of goods.

“The primary benefit of Bartercard is the saving of cash. It enables business owners to pay for what they need by offering their own goods or services, allowing them to preserve capital for other important expenses,” said Fadi Nohra, the Managing Director. “Many of the services offered through a barter exchange, such as auditing, legal consultancy, cleaning, gifts, restaurant dining, room booking and travel, and many others relating to running expenses costs. Obtaining these running expenses services through a barter transaction saves money,” he added.

“Cicero and Bernay is delighted to partner with Bartercard,” said Ahmad Itani, Chief Operating Officer “We are a team of seasoned public relations professionals that prides itself on generating measurable, quantifiable results. As a part of the Publinet Group, we are able to leverage additional marketing services from our affiliate organisations, which add value to our relationships. We look forward to working closely with Bartercard to raise brand visibility in the region and in turn help create positive impact on their business operations here” she added.

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