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Buzzeff launches new mobile video ad formats in the Middle East & Africa


Buzzeff launches new mobile video ad formats in the Middle East & Africa

Buzzeff today announced the launch of its exclusive mobile video advertising formats in the Middle East and Africa market.

The two mobile solutions released are inRead Mobile and inFlow Mobile, both of which come with a high level of audience targeting options including targeting by geographic area mobility, device platform, such as Android, iOS or Windows, mobile or tablet device category, brand and mobile model reference or generation. “Through our strategic partnership with Teads, we continuously provide advertisers and brands with more efficient and innovative advertising communications solutions. The release of mobile video is an important milestone in the world of advertising,” says Jerome Mouthon, founder & chairman of Buzzeff MEA. These new formats promise to ease publishers into integrating video formats within their content, as well as create a new inventory and income.

According to the 2014 Global Video Index Report, mobile video advertising viewing accounted for 35 percent of total advertising video views in 2014, which is  five times the 2012 visualization volume. A trend acceleration is forecasted in 2015,  illustrating the audiences shifting and new media usages and advertising consumption.

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