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Intigral enables direct operator billing for Samsung Galaxy apps


Intigral enables direct operator billing for Samsung Galaxy apps

In a press statement today, digital agency Intigral announced that it has activated Samsung OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) across the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and VIVA networks in KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain enabling direct operator billing for Samsung Galaxy apps store purchases. STC group subscribers will be able to pay for apps and in-app purchases directly from their mobile account without having to register any personal details.

Chris Ellison, general manager of commercial and strategy at Intigral, says in the statement: “Intigral’s offering is unique, we are able to provide a single point of contact, via one contract, to both the Telco’s and OEM’s mutual benefit. As such, Samsung has no need to re-negotiate or create new contracts when expanding Samsung Galaxy Apps payment solutions to different Telcos in different markets – it is all managed an implemented via Intigral.”

“Conversely we can connect Telcos to, and manage payment solutions for, different App Store providers through the same agreement. Eventually this service will be available to any and every content or service provider, on web or mobile that will add value to our Telco customers, placing Intigral firmly at the heart of mobile payment solutions in MENA,” he adds.

While the facility is available in only three countries at the moment, Intigral is set to extend its partnership with Samsung to Turkey, and is in discussions with other global OEM vendors to enable similar solutions across the MENA region.

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