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J. Walter Thompson announced 2017 HLR Scholarship winners

Lian Al Saifi, J. Walter Thompson HLR 2017 winner


J. Walter Thompson announced 2017 HLR Scholarship winners

Named after the industry’s and J. Walter Thompson’s first female copywriter, the HLR Scholarship is a global opportunity launched by J. Walter Thompson and the 4A’s in 2014.

Each winner receives an individual scholarship up to $10,000, a paid summer internship with a J. Walter Thompson office in her respective region, a J. Walter Thompson mentor, and a “first look” placement consideration upon graduation.

Laura Agostini, chief talent officer at J. Walter Thompson, says in a statement: “Now in its third year, we are delighted to welcome and congratulate the latest HLR winners. Each talented woman chosen for this scholarship has a unique voice and perspective, and we are excited to share their stories. We hope this scholarship will give them added support and confidence to drive forward their careers. And in time, I also expect that they will pull up those coming behind them. My congratulations to each and every winner!”

This year’s recipients for the MEA region is Lian Saifi, an Art and Cultural Enterprise major at the Central Saint Martins University in London. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and displaced people, and is currently working at an international humanitarian organization.



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