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MCN launches Transformers Leadership Development Program in the Middle East


MCN launches Transformers Leadership Development Program in the Middle East


Middle East Communication Network (MCN) has launched its ‘Transformers Leadership Development program’. The program, in partnership with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, aims at developing and grooming the network’s best talent for future leadership across its multi-agency, multi-location footprint in the Middle East and North Africa. The program, inaugurated on September 2 in Dubai, has been organized and conceptualized by Ricarda Ruecker, Consultant for Leadership and Organizational Development at MCN, and developed closely in conjunction with Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

MCN Transformers - attendees 2      MCN Transformers - Berlin School, Professor Robert

To roll out the program, MCN selected earlier this year talents who have performed consistently well and shown potential for leadership. The 50 performers selected and nominated to undertake the study program are from 11 MCN agencies, and will undergo a 10-month academically-focused curriculum that provides a formal training structure for creativity and strategic leadership.

Following the kick-off of the program, Ghassan Harfouche, Group CEO of MCN, said in a statement: “We are constantly striving to improve our human capital base and this investment in our most promising young leaders now will ensure that our clients are in the best of hands today and tomorrow. Education and continued learning are essential for us all in our industry. This program facilitates and enhances creativity and innovative thinking in our key people and helps transform them into real leaders for tomorrow.”

mcn chairman      ghassan harfouche MCN

The program employs blended learning techniques and tools through an experiential and practical approach, and will feature five modules the candidates will study over the next ten months: Influencing Skills and Lateral management; Tools for Leading Change; Strategic Leadership; Value Creation and Selling; and Creativity and Innovation. It has been developed together with a panel of academics from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership  focusing on both academic and practical leadership learning methodologies, practicing with case studies, roleplays and simulations and transforming with homework and coaching.

Those who will complete the program will receive formal academic certification from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and Steinbeis University Berlin. The program has been developed along the lines of an Executive MBA program which will allow graduates to transfer credits to other onward learning academic programs at leading universities globally. The program will culminate in a formal presentation ceremony for the candidates in summer 2015.

The Berlin School ‘Transformers Program’ is designed to equip participants with the required skills to influence colleagues and customers in the Marcomm  industry in their region. In addition it highlights potential challenges and inspires participants to act as leaders and multipliers – both for ‘new ways’ of working, and for expanded learning and development in the future.


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