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Mediavest | Spark rebrands as Spark Foundry globally


Mediavest | Spark rebrands as Spark Foundry globally

Mediavest | Spark, a full-service media agency under Publicis Media, announced today that it is rebranding as Spark Foundry. This move underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to evolution and reflects the agency’s offerings that extend beyond the parameters of media and investment to include analytics, technology and innovation, insights, content, commerce and more.e

The Spark Foundry name reflects the energy of a start-up bringing to life the company’s foundational vision that blends an entrepreneurial, innovative business approach with the full resources, capabilities and marketplace clout of Publicis Media.

Since coming together as Mediavest | Spark in March 2016, the agency, guided by this vision, has welcomed numerous new clients including BEL Groupe (Global), MTV, KFC, Mattel, H&R Block (USA), Expedia (SEA), EuroLoan (Poland), Virgin Mobile (MENA), OnePlus (UK) and Diageo (Australia), MAF (MENA), Emirates NBD (MENA), Tiffany & Co. (MENA), Adidas (MENA), Yas Marina Circuit (MENA), Café Najjar (MENA), Juhayna (MENA).

Spark Foundry aims to aggressively roll out its winning proposition to its 3,500 employees across the world, while amplifying its capabilities for clients.

“Spark Foundry’s unique vision brings a palpable energy that is proven to drive results for our clients,” says Publicis Media CEO Steve King, in a statement. “I am confident that Spark Foundry will build on this momentum and continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients as we unlock new and exciting opportunities together in markets across the world.”

“Our Spark Foundry positioning of being different by design is exciting and distinct.  We have had significant success as a leadership group in diversifying our talent base and building a broader set of client facing capabilities that reflect our agency focus and the dynamic and disruptive nature of the region,” adds Spark Foundry Middle East CEO Alain Brahamcha. “The talent we have assembled are passionate about our startup spirit and with this rebrand and the strengthening of the Spark Foundry global network each market across the MENA region will be further empowered to bring to life our unique proposition. Our ambition is to develop the best talent and unlock growth for our clients by answering to their consumers and not being restricted by fixed frameworks or approaches.”

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