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OOX extends services to Kuwait


OOX extends services to Kuwait

Online advertising monitoring  company OOX has launched in Kuwait on October the 1st 2013.

The market conditions in and around Kuwait indicate that it is a fast and upcoming market in the MENA region, and according to OOX’s reports of the initial test data, there is no other online media monitoring service that currently exists.

The company uses a  tool titled “OOXmonitor” that provides data on online media. It’s been a long and hardworking process but we are absolutely delighted with our extension on to the Kuwait platform, as we believe our services will considerably help all the advertising and media firms here in Kuwait who are in need of vital competitive data for online advertising. We definitely believe that OOXmonitor will give our clients a competitive edge and better understanding of the market to make better decisions based on the findings which may eventually lead to cutting cost and increased revenue generation.says OOX Co-Founder and Managing Director Fouad Bedran.


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