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Rebranding For Millennials


Rebranding For Millennials

By Sharvari Alape

Orikami Lab, a Dubai-based design innovation hub, has transformed “Spectrum Watches” to meet the present demands of the digital world. The two companies have collaborated together to deliver what is viewed as a “scalable and livable design system and narrative for the brand.”

While  the brand enjoys immense success in the offline domain, the rebranding was decided as a crucial stepping stone to launch itself and compete in the online realm. This decision was in order to develop new synergies between the brand’s current  client base, and the new ‘Changemakers’ [Millennials], the brand aims to win over.

“The key purpose was accessibility,’ said Richie Nainaney, Co-Founder and Design Director at Orikami Lab in an interview with Communicate.  She added that the brand did not want to be conservative or micro; which is why they took the approach of the digital channels to become a macro focused brand. 

Hiten Nainaney, Co-Founder and Chief Tech Catalyst at Orikami Lab, said during the interview, that being completely out of the digital world, the brand provided the company with the opportunity to work ‘with the freedom to express and build the brand beyond what could have possibly been done if the brand had an existing digital presence.’

Discover the Brand

As a process driven agency, Orikami Lab uses its first “stage of discovery.” At this stage, the agency attempts to understand the ecosystem and rules of engagement between different individuals. This takes place by immersing customers and stakeholders into the conversation. 

“Which essentially led us to understand how we could create a narrative which every individual could find appealing. Each individual has a different personality at different moments in life, so how could we create a narrative in which each one of those personalities could appreciate the product,” added Hiten. 

As a human-centered design agency the company believes that they involve people who utilize the products throughout the creative process. 

Orikami Lab said it has approached the brand [Spectrum Watches] repositioning after a thorough and compelling narrative based on design-thinking principles. It centered the approach around the brand’s homegrown appeal and diverse customer groups.

They have looked through the six personalities that make up the customer base for the brand which are: to be creative, truth-seeker, inventor, challenger, explorer and multidimensional. Hence, they were able to incorporate these personalities of people, seen as changemakers, into the rebranding of the brand. 

Richie notes that they focused on building a purpose-driven narrative instead of rebranding based on market trends. She explained that their approach tackles long term endurance instead of a short term impact.

“We have to drop that ego of knowing everything,’ Richie said. She added that she finds the beauty is in not knowing everything. “That is where the true discovery is, where the source of ideas come from,” she added.

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