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Why Egypt Tourism Needs Isobar?


Why Egypt Tourism Needs Isobar?

Isobar, a global digital agency part of Dentsu Aegis Network, has been selected as the digital agency of record for the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB) earlier this month.

According to a press statement, Isobar will be driving digital strength and brand loyalty through a  digital media strategy across seventeen key markets including the GCC, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, USA, and the UK.

“To increase engagement with ETPB’s target audience, Isobar will leverage the power of data to deliver actionable insights across all relevant digital channels and touch points,” said a press statement.

Marize Sami, General Manager Isobar Egypt, responds to our questions on why this partnership is vital for Egypt’s tourism project.

Egypt has been trying to promote itself online over the years, how is this time different? 

In the past there has always been a focus on traditional communication channels. Even when using social media, there was a lack of targeting and creation of tailored messages to the different needs and lifestyles of tourists from vastly different markets.

Isobar will leverage the power of data to deliver actionable insights across relevant digital channels and touch points which will give us much deeper understanding of customer behaviour and enable us to develop contextually relevant content and digital experiences throughout the entire travel journey.

What is the message you would focus on to promote tourism in Egypt?

We will treat every market separately according to the market needs by showcasing the beauty Egypt and highlighting the diversity of destinations available and the authenticity of Egyptian traditions. There are 3 main components following the reform of the ministry which will be reflect in our communications:

  • Gem2020; promoting the opening of the grand Egyptian museum, the largest museum in the world.
  • People to people: aiming at portraying Egypt not only as a contemporary and prime touristic destination but also shedding the light on the diversity and authenticity of the Egyptian people.
  • Branding by destination: creating an identity for each of Egypt’s unique destinations.

Why are the old ways not working anymore to attract tourists to Egypt?

“One size fits all” doesn’t work anymore and we are now in a position for content to be tailored to meet very specific needs. Every tourist is different; some people visit Egypt to enjoy sun and sea, others come for cultural trips, other for medical and last but not least those who come for visiting the authentic religious sites. By having a deep understanding all of the different travelers who might consider Egypt as a destination, we are in a prime position to market Egypt in the way it should be.

What do you mean by using data driven approaches? 

This means that we will be collecting data that gives us perspective on what every market is looking for, what the seasonality is and what attracts tourists from each country. The data will also be able to give us a detailed perspective on demographics, their lifestyles, their events, their vacations etc. which will help us deliver personalized, seamless and memorable experiences that drive engagement, transaction and loyalty for every market.

Do you think your new approaches will be effective in changing the ongoing reputation of Egypt?

Visitors are starting to come back to Egypt in larger and larger numbers each year. Our approach will be a big help in communicating both the new attractions in Egypt and celebrating their heritage. A lot of people don’t know what the country has to offer. With such a targeted approach we can reach tourists in a unique way that resonates with them, increasing the chances that they will consider visiting Egypt.



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