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Wissam Najjar Promoted As New COO of OMD MENA


Wissam Najjar Promoted As New COO of OMD MENA

The former regional managing director of OMD MENA, will now add the North African and UAE offices to his remit along with Levant, Egypt and the Gulf as he takes the helm as the new COO of OMD MENA. During his 16 year tenure at OMD, Najjar has proved instrumental in spreading OMD’s culture and difference across all the markets he’s managed, along with spearheading the expansion of the network into Bahrain, Iraq and Jordan and solidifying the relationships with local and regional business partners.

In his new role, Najjar is being tasked with propelling OMD forward and delivering a consistently best-in-class product across all its markets, through the optimal combination of talent, technology, and resources.

“Despite the headwinds, there are still many growth opportunities for marketers across the region. It’s a case of knowing where to look and how to activate them. Connected and empowered by technology, OMD’s experts define and deploy creative and effective strategies for clients everywhere to unlock these pockets of growth.”, commented Wissam Najjar.

“Wissam is ideally placed to further capitalize on the power of the network and the strengths of our great local operations to deliver an even stronger client performance and operational efficiency. He will build on our current scale, which we’ve achieved with high-performing and like-minded teams, and leverage all potential synergies.”, stated Nadim Samara, CEO of OMD MENA.

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