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Immersive Audio: Virtual Reality Through Sounds

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Immersive Audio: Virtual Reality Through Sounds

Georges “Josh” Rouhana, Audio Production Specialist at Anghami, explains what Immersive Audio is and why it can be a game-changer for brands.

What is Immersive Audio?

You might have heard about 8D music, looked online for your favorite songs in 8D, and were blown away by the magic of it. In that case, 8D technology was applied to the track as a whole.

Well, imagine listening to an audio clip where every sound element was separately designed using 8D technology in order to help the storytelling and to put the listener right in the middle of the action. This is Immersive Audio.

How does it work?

The brain has an amazing ability to identify the source of sounds around you. Humans can locate the source of a sound with extreme precision. This remarkable feature is accomplished by the brain’s ability to interpret the information from both ears. The brain uses a variety of cues to determine the location of a sound, like the difference in timing of the perceived sound between both ears, the difference in loudness and the frequencies. Immersive Audio is built in a way that highlights each sound and movement – which impacts the listener and offers an experience that is the closest to reality.

In order to tell a story through sound and to put the listener in the middle of it, we use a professional audio plugin that simulates sound localization.

Using this plugin and a bunch of other logical edits like loudness, dynamics and automations, we can put each element wherever we want in space. We create a whole virtual world that users can dive into and experience using just their headphones. All you need is a good story to tell, and you can leave the rest on us.

What’s in it for your brand?

People now more than ever are craving real-time experiences. Outings are limited, parties are canceled and outdoor activities are more restricted than ever. Immersive Audio helps you bring these real-time experiences to life – with sound.

While we’re so busy with life, we tend to disregard all the sounds that make a certain activity, place or experience special. Think of shopping – the sound of the hangers, footsteps in the shop, the sound of the jeans while you’re trying them on…  It’s the combination of these sounds that makes your shopping experience different.

Or if you think of travelling – the sound of the luggage, people talking and walking, the sound of the seat belt notice, the take-off and the landing…

Sounds are all around us. The smallest and simplest daily activities have their own set of sounds.

Immersive Audio will help you associate your brand with the sounds that matter. It helps users recall the moments and happy emotions that your brand can offer. Instead of telling users a message, let them experience your brand.

Sometimes, sound is more powerful than words.

All you have to do is fill this brief and we’ll take care of the rest!

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