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Regional Brands to Benefit from Greater Depth and Scale of Data across Leading Publishers

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Regional Brands to Benefit from Greater Depth and Scale of Data across Leading Publishers

In the fast-changing world of digital, technological innovations are perpetually paving the way forward for more effective advertising outcomes.

In keeping with its ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of digital, Digital Media Services (DMS) – the digital arm of Choueiri Group – recently announced that it has enhanced its data infrastructure, with the forward-looking deployment of the new generation Permutive DMP (data management platform).  The development is the result of DMS’ ongoing drive to consistently future-proof its infrastructure. The Permutive platform now enables DMS to create a more granular ingestion and classification of data on the back of enhanced scale.

Built on edge processing, Permutive’s DMP makes it possible for publishers to gather deeper insights about their valuable users (rich data on their interests and intent). This allows them to better cope with challenges related to users’ ever-evolving online habits. With growing challenges arising across the industry about first-party data, stemming from cookies and regulations surrounding privacy and browsers, the pressure on all publishers has been steadily increasing.

Permutive’s Aarti Suri, Senior Customer Success Manager, commented on the development and stated that “We are very excited to become a part of DMS’ arsenal. This development serves as a huge showcase for our edge-powered technology, as it is being deployed across a market-leading regional digital inventory, where our customization capabilities stand to shine”.

With the migration in place, DMS’ data capabilities now stand at par with premium publishers in Europe and other advanced markets. The deployment has effectively rendered an increase in scale of 120%.

Alex Lopes, Choueiri Group’s Audience and Data Director, elaborated on the benefits of enhanced depth and scale by adding that “We are constantly relooking at our technology infrastructure to find better means and avenues which will ensure that our brand partners and publishers succeed at the end of the day. Equipped with greater depth and scale, more insights, and more data analytical horsepower than ever before, this latest migration to the Permutive DMP is a major step. With more properties captured by events fired through real-time and privacy-abiding technology such as edge and key-value pairs, we can better develop the five key pillars of data effecting real-life scenarios (ingestion, classification, analysis, connection and activation). Empowered by this new approach which commenced sometime last year, Choueiri Group now stands at an all-new level across those pillars and is reflecting this with a host of innovative products and new ways of working being released to the market.”


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