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Anghami Partners With Snapchat To Promote Talent


Anghami Partners With Snapchat To Promote Talent

Anghami, the leading on-demand music platform in the MENA region, announced today a partnership with Snapchat through which they will promote regional talent from MENA to the world.

“The innovative partnership will feature Anghami’s English and Arabic music in Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses, for the first time giving Snapchat users in MENA the opportunity to discover and play with new music,” said a statement that was sent to the media.

According to the company, these partnered music lenses will be available in the lens carousel to Snapchat  users in the MENA region beginning today, with a Lens featuring the hit song “Serr El Hayat” by Aseel Hameem.

“In support of our mission to strengthen the talent across MENA and share it with the world, we are partnering with Snapchat to distribute for the first time new and trending music tracks from regional talents in Snapchat’s unique augmented reality Lens experience. With Snapchat, we are able to grow music recognition in a way that’s fun and engaging, which helps artists gain exposure and expand their reach to new fans across the world,” said Elie Abou Saleh, VP GCC at Anghami, in the statement.

This is not the first time the two companies come together, Anghami and Snapchat have previously collaborated via the integration of Snapchat’s StoryKit. This integration allowed Anghami users to share their favorite songs to their Snpachat stories, and use their Bitmoji in Anghami’s chat service.

You can scan the below Snapcode to use the lens:


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