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Criteo’s AD-X Tracking tool to work with Twitter


Criteo’s AD-X Tracking tool to work with Twitter


Global digital performance advertising company Criteo  has announced that its in-app measurement solution, AD-X Tracking, is working with Twitter as part of the Mobile App Promotion program. The partnership will see Criteo developing a custom measurement solution for tracking mobile app install campaigns. “Initial results during the beta period have been very strong for mobile performance advertisers, one of the more competitive marketing environments today,” says a statement by the company.

AD-X Tracking offers a comprehensive attribution and a user lifetime value solution that monitors clicks, installs and in-app events to provide up-to-the-minute metrics on mobile app usage and engagement. The technology lets users monitor and report their mobile app or website’s success, while offering global insight into their app campaign’s results from various advertising sources.

“The opportunity to partner with one of the world’s best known social networks and offer clients a lens into their new Twitter App Promotion campaigns is very exciting for everyone,” says David Philippson, managing director of Ad-X Tracking. “Having grown from measuring a few dozen mobile ad networks in 2010 to supporting more than 450 ad networks, social networks, DSPs [demand-side platforms], exchanges, PPC [pay-per-click] platforms and direct publishers, we see this partnership with Twitter as a massive opportunity for scale with our clients.”

AD-X Tracking was acquired by Criteo in late 2013.

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