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DDB’s head of social on the ABCs of Facebook advertising

Dimi Karavasilis, DDB


DDB’s head of social on the ABCs of Facebook advertising

Dimi Karavasilis, social media director, DDB Spain, conducted a workshop at Socialbakers’ annual Engage event on “Facebook advertising: do you know your ABCs?”

Workshop recap:

Having worked on the client and agency side, Karavasilis has worked his way up the social media chain watching it change from a fun playground to a dreadful nightmare for those that didn’t know better. In this workshop, he tackled the efficient use of social media in relation to brand strategy objectives; what’s the right investment; and what’s the right way to measure it.

We also caught up with him to hear more about his absolute must Dos on Facebook:

  1. Invest on mobile.It’s the best time to talk about mobile now than ever before, with users outranking those on desktop. In certain parts of the world, video consumption on mobile is outranking that of TV! When I worked on Desigual, we had better retention rates on Facebook video than on TV.
  2. Platforms, products, etc… always keep testing. Play with different formats. Tasting and testing are the most important things on social media. Find different products that would help you. The customer journey today is fragmented but there are services today that help you measure that journey.
  3. Listen to your audience.Analyze what they want and focus on metrics. Today, the most important metrics are engagement, views and reach and the correlation between reach and views.
  4. Create social media specific plans and measurement frameworks. It’s not only important to identify your objectives on social media, but also the KPIs you’re going to use to measure those. Analyze, report, adjust and learn. Use that measurement as a strategic tool for the future.
  5. Apply roles to your channels.Facebook is the face of the products, Instagram is the face of the products, Twitter and Snapchat are for real-time updates.

Read more about the other workshops at Engage too.

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