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Digital ad ratings have arrived in the UAE



Digital ad ratings have arrived in the UAE

There has always been a general sense of dissatisfaction in the regional ad industry with regards to digital ad measurement and monitoring.

That is now set to change with Nielsen’s launch of Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) in the UAE. DAR was launched in 2011 and is already used in more than 33 countries for campaign measurement.

The MRC accredited solution measures age and gender demographics, unique audience, reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) for an ad campaign’s total digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones in a way comparable to TV, enabling advertisers, media agencies and publishers to maximize their advertising reach, optimizing online spends across digital platforms.

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“Increasingly advertisers in the region are looking towards digital to spend their ad dollars. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings brings standardization and accountability to the UAE, and helps advertisers and agencies gauge return on investment for every dollar they spend online,” says Sarah Messer, head of media, Nielsen MENAP, in a statement.

“It’s all about measuring people not devices, across screens, ad placements and publishers. You can now analyze your brand’s online ad campaign in the same way you would for TV, as well as optimize your online spends to ensure your ads are reaching your intended audience.”

The timing of the launch coincides with the advent of Ramadan – a month during which advertisers spend heavily across all media channels.


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