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Facebook announces new metrics updates and launces a new inbox app


Facebook announces new metrics updates and launces a new inbox app

Facebook has announced new updates for business metrics and reporting and launched a new inbox app to allow businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts.

The new metrics updates will allow partners and agencies to have a clearer picture of the statistics provided on their campaigns. It’s also why Facebook is increasing third-party verification and improving analytics and campaign reports. In addition, Facebook is creating a Measurement Council to build solutions with clients and launching Metrics FYI, which will be Facebook’s new channel to share regular updates on metrics.

Companies will now have a single inbox app to manage comments, visitor posts, reviews, and messages of their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts. Facebook has developed a new app that will allow companies to have more control on their viewers and customize their services. From the app, companies will be able to see basic information about the people who interact with them, and by tapping on the person name they can see the publicly available profile, as well as previous interactions with their business.

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