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First culturally inspired social network


First culturally inspired social network


The year 2014 might hold more emergence of social media networking sites, if the launch of new image sharing social networking website is an indicator. The site is aimed at promoting images that showcase the very best of world cultures/heritage through inspiring attires, fashion, make-up, events and designs.

The Iya Eko platform, which went public on the 20th of December 2013, had within its first week, over 1,000 unique visitors and generated close to 8,000 page views with an average user spending almost five minutes browsing through the 16,000+ images that have been uploaded to the site (per the platform’s figures).

So many people are of the opinion that as much as clothing is a necessity, their clothes reflect their culture and beliefs. has been created at such a time as this, where Fashion designers, event managers and lovers of style seek out ways to inspire their creativity as well as celebrate the diversity in culture.

The website, which features a strong social element, claims it has the largest collection of culturally related fashion trends that have been carefully selected from [Facebook owned image sharing social network] Instagram.

Adetola Oredope, the founder of Iya Eko, says that the new website is very much about bringing the world together under a culturally inspired platform. “Colors can be attractive and a blend of sweet colors with rich cultures can keep you happy for a long time”, he says. Part of the fun is where everyone becomes a photographer and a poser, churning out new photos that can also be shared from the website to other social networks.

There are plans in the offing to enable interactions amongst users, make purchase orders and a direct contact to fabric producers, event managers, fashion designers, jewellery makers, photographers, cosmetics sellers, etc. “Our current focus is to further improve the user experience on the site which will include releasing mobile apps alongside building a strong corporate team in a lean and agile manner,” says Adetola.

There are a lot of social network sites, but Iya Eko has come to boost style and promote culture. This creative platform has surely defined how technology is used to bridge the gap in diverse cultures using fashion trends.

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