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Gamned launches new programmatic consulting offer, Emerge


Gamned launches new programmatic consulting offer, Emerge

Programmatic media company Gamned, has launched a new offering called Emerge that combines data science and consulting to offer better insights to advertisers.

Launched in 2009, Gamned expanded to the MEA region in 2016 with ex-MEC boss Yves-Michel Gabay at the helm. Just last year, it was acquired by French broadcaster TF1 Group as part of the latter’s development strategy to meet the evolving needs of all of its advertisers.

According to a Hub Insight study, a data-driven approach can reduce the cost by 30 percent and increase the revenue by 20 percent. Yet, a huge amount of campaign data remains untapped. Gamned’s new offering Emerge aims to reveal the hidden part of media data providing useful marketing insights to advertisers.

Emerge! is based on a consolidated analysis of signals produced by Internet users during media activations to achieve an accurate view of their profiles, behaviors and engagement. Is my acquisition cost the same in Dubai and in Jeddah? Are sales of a given product weather-sensitive? What type of message does my audience respond to the best? These are some of the questions that the new offering will be able to answer in a bid to help advertisers refine their media plans and marketing strategies.

“We realize how valuable post-campaign insights extracted by our experts can help our clients reach their target more efficiently. Gamned! has a real role to play in strategic recommendation and in the identification of new business opportunities for our clients.” says Yves-Michel Gabay, managing director of Gamned Middle East, in a statement.

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