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Homegrown Mobile Game Tops the Charts


Homegrown Mobile Game Tops the Charts

Dubzplay, a development company specialising in AAA mobile games and applications announces the launch of StyleCity, the mobile game created in the region, for the region.

Within the first two days of its release, the game garnered over 200,000 downloads and topped the App store charts making it the fastest downloaded game in the UAE. The game is available in both English as well as Arabic and takes users on a journey through Dubai’s trendiest spots in real-time with hundreds of different venues, shops, and events to visit and over 1,500 unique items of clothing and accessories to style characters. StyleCity aims to revolutionise the region’s gaming industry in terms of quality, depth and user experience.

Dubzplay is revolutionising the mobile gaming and application industry in the MENA region through the development and introduction of celebrity-focused applications in English and Arabic that are strategically planned from a consumer market perspective. Dubzplay acquires a roster of celebrities on exclusive mobile application contracts and builds an ecosystem around those personalities from which high-quality “fashion and lifestyle” applications, such as StyleCity, are launched.

“With a large network of passionate and talented employees, we take a bold and energetic approach to social applications, combining cool and original content with state-of-the-art graphics. Our applications place a strong emphasis on celebrity presence and seasonality, appealing to users in the MENA region and globally,”  said Mohannad Khallouf, CEO at Dubzplay.

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