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INFOGRAPHIC: Over 80% want to try NEW brands on this platform


INFOGRAPHIC: Over 80% want to try NEW brands on this platform

  • 23% of TV ad spends are during Ramadan, according to Ipsos 2017 research

  • Viewers in Saudi Arabia (60%) and in Egypt (70%) actually prefer watching ads on YouTube to TV

  • In MENA, users spend an extra 6 million hours on Facebook throughout the month

Clearly, Ramadan is a peak period for advertisers with users spending more time consuming content on different media channels and buying more products and services.

Most brands have their strategies in place to meet different objectives throughout the month. Some advertising campaigns are more performance-based and feature tactical offers, while others are more brand-oriented and feature storytelling and concepts for awareness.

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The trickiest thing for any brand though is to get a new user.

Now, new data from Twitter shows that over 80 percent of Twitter across KSA (84 percent), UAE (83 percent), and Egypt (83 percent) are more open to trying new brands and services during Ramadan.

Ramadan is also a good time for brands because during this month nearly 35 percent of users in all three countries intend to follow brands.

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Travel and hospitality brands take note because more than 50 percent in KSA (58 percent), UAE (52% percent) and Egypt (53 percent) intend to travel during Eid.

For a quick summary of each country, here are the infographics:
























































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