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Internet Ad Formats Are Increasing


Internet Ad Formats Are Increasing

A Research conducted by the World Advertising Research Center or WARC on Global Advertisement Trends for the year 2019 uncovered that online advertisement has indeed experienced growth and will continuously keep growing, thereby becoming the most frequented advertisement format for Global Media by 2020. 

The expected rise in spend on internet ad formats is charted up to 13.2 per cent, according to the international partners included in WARC’s database. This counts to about 47.7 per cent share of total media spend across 96 markets and this percentage is most likely to increase up to 50 per cent by the year 2020. 

According to the forecast, internet ad spend will grow nearly five times faster than that for non-internet media between 2010 and 2019. As opposed to those figures, non-media may face a crash by 15.8 per cent which is about $61.5bn.

These days, Internet is so widely consumed through mobile phones and devices, it has become the fact for it and accordingly the mobile advertisements are expected to account for 58.8 per cent of all internet spend. Back in 2010, this number was just about 2.0 per cent.

Amongst the channels of internet, mobile ad spend has surpassed the other channels including desktop, tablet and connected TVs for the first time and is definitely due to overtake the markets.

Amongst the three major online markets – the US, China, and the UK – data show that social media advertising (part of which includes online video) has accounted for almost half of online display growth each year since 2015 on average, even though in almost two-thirds of the countries that were surveyed, it was found that there is distrust, the people do not trust social media. The occurrence of this is due to data ethics and privacy practices of social media platforms that are under intense scrutiny. In response, three-quarters of people have limited their online footprint.

Online videos have had a steady growth since 2015 and brands increasingly are using customer data to deliver targeted videos, while branded content is used to maintain engagement. 

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