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Netizency: A New Marketing Partner for LinkedIn


Netizency: A New Marketing Partner for LinkedIn

By Afreen Khan

LinkedIn announced a new content partnership with GCC-based digital marketing agency, Netizency. The partnership between both companies aims to provide multimedia content that should be both strategic and relevant to the market.

Consumption of content varies across platforms in relation to the demographic that is being catered for. The company said that their understanding of the B2B marketing model, high quality content production and in-depth understanding of LinkedIn’s content marketing solutions, helped create this partnership.

Established in 2013, Netizency, is a digital marketing agency, designed to help companies better utilize the internet in order to improve their business. 

Fadi Khater, the founder and managing director of Netizency explains that people do not spend a lot of time viewing articles, however, are able to recall a message displayed for 0.25 seconds, hence creating more memorable posts. 

He added, “when we take a piece of news out from the article and we actually put it in a visual format, as opposed to making people read the report and seeing it specifically, this increases click through rate by four times.” 

Only a handful of agencies around the world have been chosen to join LinkedIn as a Marketing Partner, which demands in-depth understanding of the B2B digital marketing standard and of LinkedIn’s content marketing solutions. 

“We see a significant gap in the market when it comes to B2B digital marketing services; we are working very hard to fill this gap through this partnership, along with several other initiatives,” Khater explained.

The company said that they plan to fill the gap by developing a B2B offering, such as: hiring specific resources, getting their staff trained and partnering with LinkedIn. According to Khater, this strategy will allow them to help businesses promote themselves to other businesses online through thought leadership and conversion content; “beyond the prevalent B2B communication methods of offline seminars, sponsorships, and door-to-door sales.”

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