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New analytics platform to measure human emotions

AdMobilize, parent company of AdBeacon


New analytics platform to measure human emotions

UAE-based analytics and technology company Muzun has launched AdBeacon, a “Plug and Measure” analytics platform for digital signage advertising and retailers in the Middle East.

The new platform utilizes proprietary computer vision technology to collect anonymous data, which includes people, vehicle and crowd analytics solutions to deliver in-the-moment analysis.

All captured analytics are fed to a cloud based dashboard or API that allows end-users to assess results and performance, identify key trends, and make any essential adjustments to content. The camera sensor in AdBeacon can deliver attention, demographic and emotion analysis in real time and is already available across the region and being implemented by retailers, shopping malls, and digital advertising agencies.

Saif Madhat, CEO of Muzun, the exclusive distributor of AdMobilize – AdBeacon’s parent company – in the Middle East says in a statement, “With the AdMobilize platform and products like AdBeacon, we are introducing an entirely new technology in the Middle East. This product, which has already achieved great results in other global markets such as the US, Europe, and South America, has the potential to transform the digital analytics industry in the region by providing robust and timely crowd analytics to drive customer engagement and significantly elevate the overall customer experience.”

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