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Pokeware launches in the region, signs partnership with Paypal


Pokeware launches in the region, signs partnership with Paypal


Global online payment system PayPal has announced its partnership – a revenue share agreement –  with Pokeware, an advertising tech company, to offer further benefits to both Pokeware’s merchants and customers.  The partnership allows Pokeware’s MENA merchants to offer PayPal as an additional payment method to their customers.

Pokeware and PayPal’s collaboration will give online businesses a one-stop-shop payment solution that encapsulates local ATMs, mobile phone systems, major credit cards, and now, PayPal. Offering PayPal as a payment option will provide Pokeware’s MENA merchants the ability to drive incremental sales. “I believe that Pokeware will revolutionize video advertising in the region. We plan on recruiting content owners, networks and celebrities to join the Pokeware advertising platform and engaging with brands, Media Buying Units and media representatives to add Pokeware to their advertising portfolio,” commented Fawzi Rahal, recently appointed regional executive VP for business development in MENA at Pokeware.

Rahal holds an experience of over 14 years in the digital and creative business, and, for the past eight years, was heading the digital division at Grey MENA, building strategies for brands  in the FMCG, telecom and blue-chip, pharmaceuticals, retail, and travel sectors, among others. Moreover, Rahal started his own  digital creative and strategic consultancy, Gamutt, which led him to joining Pokeware.

“Pokeware will bring a new experience to the audience, content owners and advertisers. It will revolutionize the video viewing experience for the audience, providing them with  uninterrupted and intuitive product advertising. It will enable content owners and celebrities to monetize their content without alienating their audience. Pokeware will also allow brands to engage with their audience in an intuitive, rich and interactive experience,” explains Rahal. “We have been present in the local technology and media industry for the past year and are proud to be partnering with ArabNet for their upcoming Dubai event in June. We are also working with MedyaNet and Dogan in Turkey to bring Pokeable content to their nationwide audience,” he added. Over the past few years, Pokeware has managed to secure agreements with UPP – the largest product placement company in Hollywood – in addition to Real Madrid, Orange Telecom, Daily Motion, Universal and various companies in the entertainment field.

Maryse Thomas, CEO and founder of Pokeware, commented: “We are pleased to be able to add PayPal to our merchants in the United Arab Emirates and in other Middle East & North African countries. Pokeware has a great merchant portfolio in this region and this partnership offers PayPal an excellent way to reach this significant audience. Additionally, with PayPal, our merchants can sell their goods to tens of millions of online shoppers that already prefer PayPal, which can lead to an increase in sales as it gives shoppers peace of mind and more confidence to buy online.”

Laurent Wakim, regional manager of PayPal MENA, added: “PayPal is constantly on the lookout for partnerships that can bring greater advantages to our merchants and therefore customers in the Middle East. To this end, we are delighted to collaborate with Pokeware and look forward to seeing potential merchants and shoppers reap the benefits of secure online shopping through Pokeware.”

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