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Video Accounts For 42% of All Campaign Spend On Average


Video Accounts For 42% of All Campaign Spend On Average

Mobile advertising platform, Ad Colony recently published the results of their survey, which asked marketers regarding their strategies and results for user acquisition (UA). The meteoric growth in mobile app usage has bred major competition in the marketplace. Creating a stellar app is just the beginning for developers. With millions of apps in the Google Play and App Stores, developers need a customized user acquisition strategy to not only attract an initial audience but also maintain user growth over time. Over the past few years, app install marketing and advertising have become a priority for mobile publishers and their budgets. Here are the takeaways from the report –

  • 27% of marketers were shifting their UA campaigns towards video campaigns.
  • Video accounts for 42% of all campaign spend on average.  The top channels for budget allocation are full-screen video (18%), in-feed video (10%), and social video (8%).
  • Teams for UA campaigns have gotten smaller and more efficient in 2017. 29% of UA teams have six or more members.
  • On average, advertisers localize for seven languages and optimize campaigns five times per week.
  • 55% of marketers believe that the full-screen video format is the most effective out of all the options.
  • 16% of marketers are also keen on exploring the playable ads format.
  • 71% of marketers believe that metrics such as CPI, CPC are the most important metrics in terms of evaluating ad network and UA campaign performance.
  • CPI( cost per install) was the pricing model marketers work with most often.
  • 59% believe the operating system software to be one of the most important targeting parameters after geography.



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