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What Happened At This Year’s Socialbakers’ Engage Conference


What Happened At This Year’s Socialbakers’ Engage Conference

Socialbakers, a media analytics firm hosted its sixth Engage conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai today. The event brought together a variety of experts from the digital space, to deliver insights into the latest trends that are happening in the social media spectrum for the audience and how they can take advantage of them.

The line-up shared some interesting findings from their own endeavors.


Christian Bechara, head of MEA and Turkey at Socialbakers

  • Marketers need to continuously innovate to keep their audiences engaged.
  • Too much content, too much data but not enough resources.
  • 51% of marketers create stories while only 49% create posts.
  • Only 12% of brands use the carousel format on Instagram in the region.
  • E-Commerce companies have the lowest exit rate on Instagram stories.
  • 90% of brands just post copy-paste content.
  • The secret to success on social media lies in the same principles of journalism. Addressing the five W’s and one H.


Rania ElMaghraby, senior director of Social Media at Du

  • Culture, conversation, community, creation, change – the 5 C’s every marketer needs to keep in mind
  • Not all platforms are the same.
  • Each platform has a different identity.
  • Managing different platforms for one brand requires a strong team.
  • Listen to the audience.
  • People prefer raw content which is simple and relevant to them.


Monica Raszyk, director of product marketing at Socialbakers

  • Accessible data is actionable data – 1 in 5 in-house creatives don’t receive feedback on their content. Not even a notification when their content is published.
  • 79% of marketers believe that content-led marketing campaigns will continue to grow over the next two years.
  • On average, it takes 12 days to create a piece of content.


Mike Blake-Crawford, strategy director at Socialchain

  • We’re moving from a campaign approach to an always-on approach.
  • There’s so much content today – and as a result, we’re suffering from content overload, multi-screening on up to 5 different screens a day.
  • There’s a disconnect between engagement and real results.

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