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Xaxis launches Xaxis Triggers in MENA


Xaxis launches Xaxis Triggers in MENA

Xaxis, the programmatic media and technology platform, announces the MENA launch of its moment marketing solution, Xaxis Triggers. The program aims to allow real-time synchronization of digital campaigns and external events. One example of this product in action can be witnessed during a change in weather: with Xaxis Triggers, a programmatic campaign can complement a current event, like weather, across devices and for relevant products. Other actionable triggers include financial events and television advertisements. Xaxis triggers aims to provide advertisers with an always-ready media activation tool- serving consumers based on events and interests.

In a statement to the press, Marcus Siddons, managing director of Xaxis MENA, says, “Xaxis Triggers helps brands achieve unprecedented relevance, reaching audiences with the right message at the right time. In a world that is highly saturated with advertising, poorly timed communication can be ignored or create resentment. However, there are points when individuals will truly want to connect with a brand. Capturing these moments can create a positive, shared experience that increases awareness and response rates.”

One element of Xaxis Triggers, TV Triggers, works alongside television advertisements, delivering a second-screen campaign in sync with the TV spot. Another function of this product is the placement of second-screen campaigns to counter a recently aired or currently airing competitor ad. Xaxis and MediaCom developed the technology behind TV Triggers in the MENA region for use in a Xaxis Sync campaign for Sony, allowing Sony Mobile creative to appear across multiple-screens when a Samsung/Apple ad aired on TV.

Another element is Weather Triggers, which uses geo-targeting to allow campaigns to be triggered when relevant to a particular real-time weather event.

On Finance Triggers, Siddons says, “We see finance as a real opportunity, not just for banks, but also for travel clients for example.  Currency fluctuations can be an effective trigger to focus on specific destinations. Xaxis’ Finance Triggers aim to connect advertising activity with current trends of the finance market. Depending on stock prices or exchange rate percentages, for example, campaigns will appear targeting these fluctuations.

When asked if real-time advertising is the future of the industry, “Everything we do is built around our proprietary real time Data Management Platform, ‘Turbine’. So, by default, yes. Whether we’re driving test drive requests or highly tailored brand experiences, it is all reliant on a variety of real-time data,” Siddons says.

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