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Alchemy Films creates short film for Sheikh Zayed Book Awards

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Alchemy Films creates short film for Sheikh Zayed Book Awards


Alchemy Films, Dubai-based video production company creates short film for the recent Sheikh Zayed Book Awards (SZBA). According to the SZBA website, the awards are presented annually to Arab writers, intellectuals and publishers, in addition to young talent whose writing has, in some way, enriched Arab scholarship and culture.

Based on the theme of “enlightenment,” the film was locally directed by Moe Najati. This short film celebrates Arabic culture using visual effects and animation to bring the magic within a book to life.

The scene opens to a father and a son camping in the desert. They sit by the fire, sharing a book, the contents of which proceed to leap from the pages. The film cuts to the son running off into the desert night to let his imagination wander, while the father continues to enjoy the book, indicating that adults too can get lost in the wonder of written storytelling. The underlying message seems to be: may the fire of one’s imagination ignited by reading never be extinguished.

Watch the full feature here.

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