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Arab Luxury World to release exclusive mall mapping study

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Arab Luxury World to release exclusive mall mapping study

The first-of-its-kind survey that provides independent, unbiased data about mall awareness, visitation levels and frequencies, coupled with reasons for mall visits and consumer profiling.

Unique survey

Numbers tell the truth and, if analyzed correctly, form a fine recipe for growth. Though several research projects have been undertaken in the region’s retail sector, the unique survey is all set to be unveiled at Arab Luxury World – the conference on the business of luxury in the Middle East.

The first-in-the-region study on mall mapping will be launched on the first day of the conference on June 1, 2016.

Luxury industry veteran and consultant Nadine Touma Gammage and managing partner of Dubai-based research and data science firm Sapience Consultancy Rabih Soueidi, in partnership with Arab Luxury World, have worked with their teams to take a closer look at shopping malls and come up with analysis that will benefit mall developers, brands, retailers and distributors, and also gauge consumer behavior toward malls.

Data: The moment of truth

“Hardcore data answering questions as to who goes to which malls and how often, and why certain malls score above their peers, among others, will be a part of the region’s first mall mapping study,” says Gammage.

The retail sectors of Saudi Arabia and the UAE will benefit immensely from this mall-mapping study, she says, adding that there has been a huge gap or ‘black hole’ as far as data on consumers visiting malls is concerned.

Soueidi from Sapience notes the data collection is now finalized in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and the results of the survey will help retailers, brands and distributors better understand their market and consumers.

Soueidi also mentions that this one-of-its-kind study on shopping malls recorded the views of 1,000 respondents in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Speaking of this, Gammage adds: “For the survey, the views of 1,000 respondents from each country, with a balanced representation of socio-economic segments were considered. The study also has an adequate representation of the high-income segment.”

A new beginning

The study, which will provide first-ever insights on the core dynamics that underpin consumer patterns for mall visits, will be launched during a private session titled ‘GCC Mall Mapping’ on June 1 at the conference. The results of this exclusive survey promise to change the way the retail sector and its associated industries look at consumer behavior in the GCC.


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