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Facebook talks innovation – Festival of Media MENA

Festival of Media MENA

Facebook talks innovation – Festival of Media MENA

Only one day away, Festival of Media MENA is bringing global talent to the region to give their perspective on the changing landscape of media. Today, Communicate sat down with tomorrow’s first speaker of the day, Sarah Personette, head of global business marketing at Facebook, who will be giving a talk on “Innovation”. We’ve asked a few preliminary questions to get a quick taste of what she’ll deliver.

Throughout our talk, she continued to highlight how the innovative technology of today has allowed for brands and marketers to meet their consumer on a personal level. Personette discusses the future of marketing, as she sees it: “Personalized marketing can be done with reach and with depth that is richer than ever before.”

With today’s access to 24 hour content, marketers must reach people on personal levels in order to be heard. On one hand, innovations that allow for this could make a marketers job easier; however, on the other hand, this could be looked at as quite a daunting feat. In the past, the masses were reached by one campaign that said it all, and now, there is pressure for brands to reach each individual personally and frequently.

Personette explains how innovation has changed marketing for her, “it can be really humbling to think about the speed of change around disruption and innovation. But, I genuinely believe it is the Golden Age of media.” She continues, explaining why the best time to be in the industry is now: “The shift to mobile and the rise of video on mobile platforms empowers marketers to add value to a consumer’s life, to discover and share brands that they never knew about before.”

Giving an example of a campaign Lexus put out earlier this year, Personette uses this to illustrate what marketers are now capable of. She says, “Lexus looked at their target and they developed 1000 pieces of individual creative, which they used to deliver the most relevant ad to each person, based on their interest, location and what car they are currently driving today”.

And finally, when asked what type of innovative branded content she personally gets excited about, she says, “I am really excited about some of the work that is being done around animated pictures and targeted language cinemagraphs”. Describing what impresses her about this type of content, she continues, “people are really thinking differently about how they catch your eye in the first three seconds, and that’s been thrilling to see”.

All in all, after speaking with Personette, we’re very excited to see what she’s cooked up for her talk at tomorrow’s Festival of Media conference!

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