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Festival of Media MENA’s 2nd edition tackles industry issues

Festival of Media MENA

Festival of Media MENA’s 2nd edition tackles industry issues

Festival of Media showcased industry experts and their thoughts on the media industry’s hot topics of today. The media industry needs to think in a few wave lengths when attempting to reach their audiences. Below are some statistics today’s Festival of Media highlighted regarding the industry’s most poignant opportunities and problem areas.

There were some heated disagreements, such video versus images; overused adages like content is (not) king, and the future of media through AI. The biggest topics of the day were mobile, social media and the contemporary game of digital advertising.

Here’s a quick look at quotes and stats from the day:

First Screen: The Mobile Age

“Mobile has become our umbilical cord” – Puja Pannum, MD, Blis MENA

Only 7 percent in MENA do not use any other screen while watching TV. For the remaining 93 percent, the second screen has nothing to do with what they’re watching, but it’s about social networking

Mobile penetration in KSA is at 192 per cent whereas UAE is at 167per cent.

UAE has 17 million mobile subscriptions.

94 percent of MENA uses mobile as their first screen.

86 percent of spend on mobile is done through apps.

Social media: Sharing is caring

“It doesn’t take much to differentiate between things you make time for and things you use to kill time.” – Rami Saad, deputy chief operating officer, DMS

YouTube delivers a higher ROI than TV in nearly 80 percent of the cases.

The average person will spend one-sixth of their lives watching video.

1 in 3 mins on mobile are spent on social media and messaging.

On average, people use 7.64 social media accounts.

Digital advertising: Trials & Tribulations

“MENA is behind the global average in ad-blocking stats on desktops and laptops, but similar on mobile” – Jason Mander, director of research, GlobalWebIndex

200 million people are currently blocking ads globally. This number is growing by 40 percent year on year.

If this rate continues to increase, by 2020 close to 1 billion people will have ad-blocking software installed.

Currently, $7 billion is being wasted on digital advertising that is not being seen by humans, but bots.

90 percent of all data has been created in the past 2 years.

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