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du’s Abdelwahed Juma: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Effie Mena Awards

du’s Abdelwahed Juma: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Abdelwahed Juma, executive vice-president – brand & communications at du, MENA Effie Awards 2018 jury member shares his tips for case studies and talks about the importance of the MENA Effie Awards and what it represents: marketing effectiveness.

3 must-haves in a winning Effie case study:

  1. Try to avoid jargon where possible; keep it simple.
  2. Demonstrate a clear impact on the triple bottom line of people, profits and planet.
  3. Be human and demonstrate emotions. In today’s increasingly digital and automated world, brands that demonstrate efficacy through deep connections and experiences will rise above the rest.

3 mistakes to avoid in an Effie case study:

  1. Basic spelling and grammar mistakes can be easily avoided, especially after all the hard work you have done getting to this stage – please remember to proofread your entry.
  2. Don’t assume we know your work as well as you – make sure you describe everything clearly and as though for the first time.
  3. Try to avoid fluffy KPIs that are ultimately hard to assess – we will likely see through the smoke and mirrors whilst assessing.

Why are the Effies important for the industry? 

We all appreciate the importance of awards ceremonies in the industry, but the Effies are special in that they are tied to efficacy. As we know, creative work without an impact on consumers is otherwise known as “art,” so the Effies ensure a clear focus is kept on the results. In this day of laser-sighted ROI where the procurement officer is as important as the brand manager, the MENA Effie Awards maintain the relevance of the discipline.

What is ‘marketing effectiveness’ to you? 

Whilst we aim to achieve success with our go to market campaigns across our entire portfolio, we measure this success in several ways. du is in a unique position in the UAE as it is one of the leading brands that people associate with and expectations are different than perhaps for international brands. Therefore, in addition to delivering increased sales, we must augment the lives of our valued customers. How do we do this? Along with hitting the sales targets, what else are we enhancing? And are we doing it in line with “Brand du”? Harder to measure, but key to our prolonged brand success.

An example of a campaign that truly celebrates marketing effectiveness?

I apologize for selecting a du campaign, but I am particularly fond of “PostWisely,” the du platform that questions society to do better when it comes to sharing content online. How many telcos do you know that ask their customers to post less and use less data? We have maintained a dialogue for two years with consumers, the government, schools, influencers and the UAE media to fuel this movement. Are we gaining sales as a result? That is the wrong KPI to track, [because] we are winning over the hearts and minds of the UAE people. Organic use of the hashtag, even without us fueling the movement, remains frequent around the world – something we can definitely be proud of.

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