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Etisalat’s Abdullah Ghandour: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Effie Mena Awards

Etisalat’s Abdullah Ghandour: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Abdullah Ghandour, digital communications manager at Etisalat, and MENA Effie Awards 2018 jury member shares his tips for case studies and talks about the importance of the MENA Effie Awards and what it represents: marketing effectiveness.

3 must-haves in a winning Effie case study:

  1. Strong insights
  2. Innovative strategy
  3. Execution measured with great results through influencing behavioral change or producing something tangible

3 mistakes to avoid in an Effie case study:

  1. Don’t fluff KPIs; rather show measurable results, which are most importantly attainable and relevant to the original KPIs. Referencing is very important to validate and back up all claims.
  2. Investing a lot of time on the video entry and neglecting the write-up
  3. Not clearly explaining the challenges and how they were addressed in the case entry

Why are the Effies important for the industry? 

The MENA Effie Awards focus on the effectiveness of campaigns and their ability to produce tangible results, which is one of the most important elements – if not the most important element.

What is ‘marketing effectiveness’ to you? 

Effectiveness is influencing and aspiring change by driving tangible results for the brands.

An example of a campaign that truly celebrates marketing effectiveness?

“The Fifth Participation” by our partner Mobily in Saudi is a good example of how brands can build impactful campaigns and develop relevant and engaging content around live events, such as the World Cup, without having to spend a fortune.



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