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FP7 Dubai makes it to the Effie’s list of most effective agencies in 2014

Effie Mena Awards

FP7 Dubai makes it to the Effie’s list of most effective agencies in 2014


The Effie Awards have been honoring ideas that work globally since 1968. Taking this concept further, the Effie Effectiveness Index was introduced in 2011 to recognize the importance of marketing effectiveness by revealing which companies are the most successful at creating ideas that delivered results.

The Index features the most effective marketers, brands, agency holding groups, agency networks, agency offices and independent agencies. These rankings can be filtered by region, country and product category.

This year, FP7 Dubai has been ranked fourth on the Effie’s list of Most Effective Agencies following Sancho BBDO (Bogota, Colombia) at the first place, Lowe Lintas (Mumbai, India) at the second place and Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India) drawing in third on the list.

Commenting on this achievement, Sasan Saeidi, managing director at FP7 Dubai says, “We are extremely delighted to be recognized for our effective work and be formally ranked as the number 1 agency in the MENA Region; and the number 4 agency in the World. It’s a result we cherish and our clients are also equally proud of”.

“’Work that matters’ is what we care about above everything else. And we would like to follow this trail and fine tune our product development even more; so our agency becomes synonymous with the best effective work in the world,” adds Saeidi.

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