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Golin’s Yiannis Vafeas: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Effie Mena Awards

Golin’s Yiannis Vafeas: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Yiannis Vafeas, managing director, Golin MENA and MENA Effie Awards 2018 jury member shares his tips for case studies and talks about the importance of the MENA Effie Awards and what it represents: marketing effectiveness.

3 must-haves in a winning Effie case study:

    1. A unique insight that makes you stop and think.
    2. A campaign that makes you stop and think.
    3. Results that make you stop without thinking.

3 mistakes to avoid in an Effie case study:

  1. Base your idea on facts that are already widely known.
  2. Overestimate the use/effectiveness of social media “influencers”.
  3. Determine the success of a campaign only by “sales”.

Why are the Effies important for the industry? 

Because they celebrate creativity, promote innovative thinking and inspire change!

What is ‘marketing effectiveness’ to you? 

Saying the minimum and succeeding the maximum.

An example of a campaign that truly celebrates marketing effectiveness?

When agencies, clients and audiences are equally extremely happy.

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