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Tim Hortons’ Sa’ed Totah: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Effie Mena Awards

Tim Hortons’ Sa’ed Totah: Entries, Effectiveness & Effies

Sa’ed Totah, chief marketing officer – Tim Hortons at Apparel Group, and MENA Effie Awards 2018 jury member shares his tips for case studies and talks about the importance of the MENA Effie Awards and what it represents: marketing effectiveness.

3 must-haves in a winning Effie case study:

  1. The brand’s connection to a consumer need through a strong insight.
  2. The right strategy and execution.
  3. The results based on set KPIs.

3 mistakes to avoid in an Effie case study:

  1. Unrealistic KPIs.
  2. Lack of story flow.
  3. No connection between the objective and the results.

Why are the Effies important for the industry? 

The MENA Effie Awards are a comprehensive awards program including all parties collaborating towards one objective. The award is based on the best case from planning to execution and verifies the results thereby ensuring that the result is a teamwork and not only based on one of the marketing pillars.

What is ‘marketing effectiveness’ to you? 

Marketing effectiveness occurs when both, the brand and the consumer, benefit from a product/service that uses proper insight and reasoning into creating marketing strategies that trigger consumer engagement.

An example of a campaign that truly celebrates marketing effectiveness?

During DSF 2016, VISA did a great campaign – “Impossible Deals” – demonstrating results based on insights.

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