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What is marketing effectiveness?

Effie Mena Awards

What is marketing effectiveness?

Five MENA Effie 2018 judges define “marketing effectiveness”:

Abdelwahed Juma, executive vice-president – brand & communications at du:

Whilst we aim to achieve success with our go to market campaigns across our entire portfolio, we measure this success in several ways. du is in a unique position in the UAE as it is one of the leading brands that people associate with and expectations are different than perhaps for international brands. Therefore, in addition to delivering increased sales, we must augment the lives of our valued customers. How do we do this? Along with hitting the sales targets, what else are we enhancing? And are we doing it in line with “Brand du”? Harder to measure, but key to our prolonged brand success.

Abdullah Ghandour, digital communications manager at Etisalat:

Effectiveness is influencing and aspiring change by driving tangible results for the brands.

Sa’ed Totah, chief marketing officer – Tim Hortons at Apparel Group:

Marketing effectiveness occurs when both, the brand and the consumer, benefit from a product/service that uses proper insight and reasoning into creating marketing strategies that trigger consumer engagement.

Karim Samaha, country marketing manager at Froneri Ice Cream Egypt:

Delivering maximum value to the consumer, and this includes efficient spending across the value chain to ensure that the consumer/shopper/customer is receiving the full value of the product and service and not paying for any of the marketeers inefficiencies.

Robert Carter, marketing director for the NEMAT region at Colgate Palmolive:

First, marketing effectiveness is clearly communicating your brand purpose to your target audience. Then, this must drive an emotional connection so that the brand can stand for something to consumers. And finally, this must drive a desired outcome or behavior.

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