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ArabNet reveals report on Middle East’s mobile app economy


ArabNet reveals report on Middle East’s mobile app economy

In collaboration with On Device Research, ArabNet Business Intelligence unveils the “ArabNet App Report” on the mobile app economy in the Middle East. The insights gathered by the report are based on a 2,500-person study from May 2015 across Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, KSA and the UAE.

Below is a sample of the survey’s findings:

Paying for apps

  • More than 53 percent of Saudis are willing to pay for applications on their smartphones.

  • Respondents indicated that they would prefer to pay for the app in one upfront payment.

Download behavior

  • 42 percent of the respondents have downloaded more than five mobile apps in the past month, with the majority hailing from the UAE.

  • 50 percent of respondents use their apps either everyday or once a week.

  • 37 percent of respondents, according to the report, claim to find their apps by randomly browsing app store; 32 percent find apps through friends’ recommendations.

  • 60 percent of apps downloaded are games

  • 37 percent of apps downloaded are social media

Arabic apps

  • 62 percent of respondents download Arabic apps

  • 34 percent don’t download more Arabic apps because they prefer international apps

  • 31 percent don’t find what they want in Arabic apps

  • 30 percent don’t find Arabic apps to be good quality

In a press statement, Omar Christidis, CEO of ArabNet, says, “We are seeing more data that confirms the rapidly growing appetite among Arab consumers for mobile applications and content.” He continues, “The report gives developers and agencies in the industry key actionable insights on the market. For example, beyond social media, music and games, the top app categories in Saudi Arabia are photography and travel.”

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