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Terrapinn’s Marketing and Sales Show ME will open its door for the first time on November 26-27 at the Festival Arena in Dubai. Rebecca Tyson, general manager at Terrapinn, explains how and why this new conference and exhibition came about.


The region’s event landscape is already pretty crowded. Why add yet another one?

The Middle East really lacked a large exhibition for marketing technology. It also lacked an event that is free to attend. So, one of our key differences is that this is a free-to-attend event that is really about the content and is accessible to everyone who is working within the marketing or sales functions.

We have six conferences covering B2C marketing, B2B marketing, marketing tech, sales innovation & strategy, an SME University, and a CMO Summit – and they all are free to attend and CPG-certified, so people can get CPD points for attending. I should note, though, that the CMO Summit is on invite-only because it’s high level, covering leadership and strategy on top of technology. People can apply on the website and get access.

We have over 200 speakers confirmed who are predominantly chief marketing officers, marketing directors, chief commercial officers, chief digital officers… And there are lots of different formats: standard presentations, but also many interactive sessions like panel discussions with heaps of great CMOs; one-hour long workshops on SEO, digital marketing test dummies, growth hacking…

And we’ve also got a lot of really great exhibitors that are focused on technology solutions for marketing. Our sponsors include LinkedIn, Snap, SAP, Qlik, MMP, Sitecore… A real mix of companies that provide solutions and services to the entire marketing function and really take off different parts of it, whether it’s AI marketing automation, social solutions, CRM, data and analytics. We want people to able to come and purchase solutions for their company, going into 2020.

Why combine marketing with sales?

Marketing and sales are functions known for not being particularly cohesive, but we know that they really need to work together; marketing drives leads for the sales team and the sales team is meant to be following up on those leads. There is, for sure, a crossover in how the two functions work. Now, 80 to 90% of the event is focused on marketing, especially marketing tech. But we thought we should definitely host them together and have the sales element in there as well.

How many people are you expecting to attend?

We already have over 4,800 people registered as of today [November 4] and that’s still with three weeks to go. We expect 2,000 people at a minimum, which is a lot compared to similar events that are usually expensive to attend. A lot of companies don’t have $1,500 to spend on an event anymore. That’s how the industry is changing, and the event industry is changing.

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