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Superbrands Middle East: Customers Make Brands

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Superbrands Middle East: Customers Make Brands

By Sharvari Alape

“Brands must deliver on their promises to compete for the title of Superbrand,” said Mr Mike English, Director of Superbrands Middle East in an interview to Communicate.

English added that brands must hold themselves accountable to the promises they make for their customers, in order to maintain a healthy interaction.

Dubbed as the ‘Oscars of branding,’ the 15th edition of the annual Superbrands Tribute event saw 48 brands being awarded the title of Superbrand. These forty-eight brands were finalized from over 2000 brands through what he describes a “rigorous selection and voting process.” Superbrands is considered a tagline to show customers that they are buying from the best brand in the market.

“Superbrands cannot be created with influence and publicity,” added ADVOC owner Dr B.R. Shetty to Communicate.  “Quality, affordable price and the ethical process is crucial,” he added.

ADVOC owned Coroli, a leading edible oil,  holds the title of Superbrand now. The award was received by Dr Shetty at an event held earlier this month.


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