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The importance of marketing to women

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The importance of marketing to women

During the Marketing to Women in the Middle East conference that took place on March 16, the audience learned that creating different marketing plans for both male and female customer is vital.

“Very often marketers use the same strategy when marketing to men and women,” explains Christina Ionnadis, CEO at Aquitude and Chair at GMR Marketing to Women Conference. “The first reason why we are different is because we have a completely different procedure in which we take, process and break it down with.”

With the marketing world now growing and customers becoming more knowledgeable, “everything is open, you cannot hold secrets anymore,” states Rita Clifton, CBE, Board Director for online retailer ASOS.

Although there may be many things that a brand must keep in mind when marketing to women, the key, Clifton explains, is to build long-term sustainable and successful brands. “You cannot manipulate how your customers feel about what you are doing,” explains Clifton. If the team is not ready to engage and to be strong, it will not happen.

With 85 percent of purchases in people’s lives influenced by women, according to Clifton, it is shocking that most creative teams in brands are composed largely of male employees and that most creative directors are male. Although many believe that the funds can be spent in other ways, marketing to a specific audience is a extremely important factor for a brand to do when planning to grow their customer base and following.

“Many people think that marketing is a cost and not an investment; the brand is the most sustainable aspect that the organization has got,” says Clifton. “Boards don’t really understand that strong branding saves costs, if you have a strong brand, you could have a 50 percent save of recruiting people.”

“Good brand management is good risk management,” explains Clifton. And continues to explain that without taking this risk, the brand will not move forward. If you work within the marketing department of a brand or a company, be sure to focus on a specific audience, according to the conversations that have taken place today at the Marketing to Women Conference. According to the conference, it is an important factor that tends to be overlooked.

Watch Christina Ioannidis, Chair of Marketing to Women ME talk about the event below:

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