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The ONLY regional agency to win at the Global Effie Awards 2018 is…

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The ONLY regional agency to win at the Global Effie Awards 2018 is…

The Effie Awards are known to celebrate marketing effectiveness and the Global Effie Awards honor the year’s most effective global marketing ideas – ideas that work in multiple worldwide markets.

The winners for 2018 were chosen after two rounds of judging in multiple cities around the world including Sao Paulo, Singapore, New York City and London.

The winners were announced last evening on May 31 in New York City.

From the region, it was McCann’s regional counterpart, FP7/DXB that won a Bronze in the Media Idea category for OMO’s “The Dullest Ad in History for the Least Active Kids in History”.

[Tweet “Congrats to @FP7DXB @ FP7MENA for being the only regional to win at the Global @EffieAwards 2018.”]

Commenting on the win, Tarek Miknas, CEO, FP7 MENA, says, “I’m completely honored and humbled at the same time. Doing work that makes a meaningful difference for the brands that we represent is our job. Creativity that is not self-serving, nor made for award shows, but rather works to benefit both brand and consumer is what makes us proud. That’s our True North. The fact that the Effie-winning work also wins at Creative shows, goes to show that the complementary forces of Effectiveness and Creative Brilliance, in our line of work, are two sides of the same coin.”

The campaign was based on several alarming statistics:

  • Kids had an average of 48 minutes per day to engage in physical activity at preschool
  • 3-year-olds (and older) spend over four hours a day in front of a screen
  • Approximately 30% of GCC nationals aged 20 and younger are considered overweight or obese

Since, on average, kids spend less than an hour a day in active play, it means 23 hours idle and inactive.

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To get the conversation, OMO launched a painfully dull 23-hour live stream showing a kid doing what kids today do best: absolutely nothing. Other than, watching TV, playing video games… you get the idea.

The 23-hour video was live on a YouTube Masthead, Twitter/Periscope, and Facebook Live.

The brand then launched two other videos: one showing that kids today spend on average seven hours in front of screens, and another one to show that little girls spend four hours daily watching TV.

OMO also partnered up with kidsFIRST Medical Center (KFMC) to educate parents about the importance of play and provide tips and advice from experts.

As a climax to the entire campaign, the brand turned the tech addiction blame away from the kids, putting the balls in the parents’ court, through a video with kids pleading their parents that dirt is good – at least when you consider the alternative.

The ad also won a Gold and three Silvers at the MENA Effie Awards 2017 and was produced in partnership with PHD UAE, Magna Dubai and Mint MENA.

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