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Twitter Takes the Stage

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Twitter Takes the Stage

Twitter hosted a theatrical brand experience event at the Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai today, to showcase the most powerful twitter stories of 2019.  The event which was a first of its kind in the region led its audience through three spaces; the Experiential Room, the Audience Studio and the Launch & Connect Studio.

The Experiential Room, an immersive digital experience, featured twitter’s annual end of year data that it launched today under the hashtag #ThisHappened. The conversations included top tweets, hashtags, and accounts in MENA during 2019 and were displayed in animated infographics. In addition, the screen showcased conversations about trending topics in real-time around specific hashtags.

The Audience Studio presented a live theatrical experience on how some of the most powerful Twitter audience stories and top launch campaigns came about. The Launch and Connect Studio hosted a quiz competition on Twitter trivia from the region with three contestants from the audience.

Communicate spoke with Carla El Maalouli, head of business marketing at Twitter MENA, to understand how the event came about.

What is the idea behind this event?

The end of year event is a first of its kind activation for Twitter in the region. We wanted to showcase innovative campaigns to show the value of our audience and also increase awareness on how Twitter is essential for brands to launch something new and connect with what’s happening. We wanted to do something out of the box, something very creative and bold. At the same time, we wanted to highlight tweets that took place during 2019 and to bring them to life on stage, for our guests to experience.

What gave you the inspiration to add a theatrical element to the event?

It was our audiences’ tweets and their only-on-Twitter stories. The stories that were taking place on the platform are truly amazing. You can see a lot of conversations that went viral on twitter that started from a single tweet, with a significant amount of engagement by others on the platform and by brands as well. This is why we say that the audience of Twitter is receptive, in addition to the research that we conducted in the region. This is how we got inspired as a team on how to bring Twitter’s conversations live on stage.

What is the objective of this event?

To prove that Twitter’s influential audience shapes the conversations that matter.

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