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What Did The MENA Effies Judges Think?

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What Did The MENA Effies Judges Think?

The first round of judging for the 11th edition of the MENA Effies Awards took place across four days this week. We got to see many communication professionals gather in a single room and engage in insightful discussions on campaign entries from the region. What were their impression? Did the entries meet their expectations? Did candidates address the challenges facing the industry today? Have the results achieved the desired objectives? Here is a selection of some of the judges’ impressions. 



Reena Bedi, group marketing manager, Apparel Group 

“There is a whole lot of talent in the region and the way people are exploring the whole digital aspect is amazing.”







Pauline Rady, group director, Spark Foundry 

“I saw a lot of campaigns trying to evolve by making sure to target millennials through technology.”






Robert Carter, marketing director, Colgate Palmolive

Carter made his second appearance as a jury member for the Effies. When asked about his experience this year compared to last time, he said: “The cases are tighter and the focus on the results has gotten even better.”







Omar Katerji, regional media manager, Ferrero

There are a couple of campaigns that stood out because they challenged the norm big time.” 








Alex Malouf, communications head, Procter&Gamble 

“I’ve seen some great campaigns; I’ve seen some average campaigns and I’ve seen some below average campaigns. My advice is we can always do better.”







Julien Cavailles, regional commercial director, TEADS MENA

“Amazing to see how much diversity we can find in all the categories we’ve been through.”







Dana El Dajani, senior manager-commercial marketing, Abu Dhabi Airports

“I personally feel like there is a bit of a disconnect between the cases that are being shown versus the results that are being portrayed to show effectiveness of the campaign from a results perspective.”






Marc Anthony Haddad, senior account director, TBWA/RAAD

“Lots of cases are having a hard time articulating themselves, especially with the market becoming more and more tactical.”







Dana Sarkis, head of marketing-science & growth strategy, Hearts & Science

“I think there’s an opportunity for them to be written better and maybe to provide better data sources and better linkage between the objectives and the challenge and the KPI’s. I feel sometimes there is a disconnect between all three.”






Shruti Jain, senior brand manager, Reckitt Benckiser 

“I think there are very few really innovative, amazing ideas that are really taking advantage of what digital can actually do and what the capabilities now are.”







Kalika Tripathi, vice-president of marketing, Visa Inc

“Everything is experiential now and the lines between product and marketing are blurring because it’s all actually about user-experience. And we’ve seen evidence of that in the cases that were submitted. The most interesting ones were in the experiential space.”






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