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Why November is the best month for retailers to up their Twitter game

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Why November is the best month for retailers to up their Twitter game

On October 10, Twitter MENA held its #ShoppingIsHappening event inviting retail brands and agencies to discuss how marketers can tap into November sales and to share new Saudi consumer insights about shopping habits on Twitter around the November sales.


  • Active user minutes increase by 12% – video active user minutes increase by 18% in Saudi

  • 60% Saudi Twitter users have shopping plans specifically for November

  • White Friday (or Black Friday depending which part of the world you are from) is a big opportunity: 21% of the 5.9 million tweets about shopping in MENA were about Black/White Friday

  • And if you’re an online retailer, fashion items and electronics are your best bet because there are the most shopped categories online in Saudi at 65% and 45%

Why the focus on Saudi?

“The study was primarily conducted in Saudi Arabia to provide agencies and brands in the UAE access to consumer research in the Kingdom. Most of the international and local brands are headquartered in the UAE and are looking to tap into the Saudi market. Our goal was to use the research to educate the industry on the potential opportunities in Saudi Arabia while highlighting the best place to target consumers,” explains MENA’s head of large client solutions, Antoine Caironi.

Why the focus on November and not end-of-year of Ramadan for example?

“We generally conduct studies around key regional and global moments that brands can tap into,” says Caironi adding that Twitter MENA has conducted surveys and held several events such as Ramadan and the World Cup.

The biggest trends to emerge out of the study, according to Caironi, are:

  • 1 in 5 Twitter users are ‘heavy’ online shoppers.
  • 6 in 10 have both online and offline shopping plans specifically for November.
  • 21% of Saudi consumers on Twitter would be repeat November online shoppers.
  • 38% would be new November online shoppers.
  • Offers during November are likely to trigger potential incremental sales given that consumers who stated they’d buy any of the product categories only if on sale increased for consumer electronics, home appliances, home furniture and fashion items.
  • Twitter plays a key role in consumers’ shopping decisions, from the discovery of products and offers to taking action offline with 37% of respondents saying that “Twitter is one of the first places they go to research products” and 44% saying that “If they saw a tweet for a sale at a nearby retailer they would go”.

And finally, how can brands benefit from all this?

Caironi explains: “Marketers can drive relevance, consideration and own the moment on Twitter when it comes to this season. First, they can raise awareness by running pre-roll video ads ahead of relevant publisher content that is both premium and brand-safe; whether it’s around fashion, technology or groceries. They can also capture attention by reaching the masses through multiple Twitter ad formats such as Promoted Trends and branded emojis. And thirdly, they can drive conversations by retargeting consumers who were exposed to the branding to drive visits and purchases, with their always-on Direct Response ad formats such as Mobile App Promotion formats.”



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