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Yahoo Business Human Rights Program and Yahoo Maktoob hold the “Change Your World Amman” summit

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Yahoo Business Human Rights Program and Yahoo Maktoob hold the “Change Your World Amman” summit


Yahoo’s Business and Human Rights Program and Yahoo Maktoob recently hosted the latest chapter of the “Change Your World” series: “Change Your World Amman”. The Yahoo “Change Your World” series is a global conversation that highlights women who are harnessing the power of technology and media to change the world. The first of the series took place in Cairo in 2012.

The “Change Your World Amman” event brings together a host of dynamic, outspoken and creative women leaders from the Middle East region who are using the Internet and social media to create positive social change.

Ebele Okobi, global head at Yahoo Business and Human Rights Program said in a statement: “At Yahoo, we see how ordinary people use technology to do extraordinary things every day.  The ‘Change Your World’ series was born from the shared conviction that amplifying the voices of women who are passionate about changing the world can lead to truly great things. Each of the women participating is a pioneer and an inspiration, and to have these amazing leaders together is a real honor for us.”

She added: “This is the second time we host the summit in the Middle East, with the first being in Cairo in 2012.  Amman was a natural location for the next chapter of our series, as it is one of our hubs for our operations in the Middle East, and the home of Maktoob, which became part of Yahoo in 2009.”

This year’s panels in Amman include “Media & Journalism: What role has media played in bringing attention to humanitarian crises in the region? Has technology created greater access to accurate and unbiased media?”; “Women Who Lead: How are women leaders using the Internet and technology to advocate for more just laws and raise awareness about social and policy issues related to gender equity?”; “Entrepreneurship: How are women using the Internet and technology to power innovation, lead in business and become social entrepreneurs?  What kinds of causes are women connecting to business, and how is technology making these connections possible?”;  “Advocates for Peace During Times of Conflict & The Power Of Technology: The Internet and social and digital media platforms amplify voices that do not have access to traditional forms of media and allow marginalized groups to tell their stories. What has been the impact of regional conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and how are women using technology to raise awareness? How have women used the Internet and other platforms to be advocates for peace and create solutions to humanitarian crises?”; and “Women In The Arts: How are women using art to inspire, inform and advocate?”

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